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Founded by two long-time ambulatory care industry professionals, ASC Data initially began as an internal project. With 30+ years of ASC industry experience between them, Chris and Alex knew first-hand how difficult it could be to monitor its changes and growth. Without a reliable and consistent source of data, staying up-to-date on the industry often required cross-referencing different information streams, many of which were inaccurate. 

So they started collecting and organizing their own reports, utilizing raw data straight from the Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services. For years, they used this information in media kits and presentations to industry affiliates and partners.

Recognizing how valuable it was to have one cohesive data source, the team decided it was time to make its resources available to the wider industry. And so, in 2020, ASC Data was born. 

Today, ASC Data offers fully customizable datasets with updates delivered on a quarterly basis. Working directly from the CMS data ensures that ASC Data’s reporting on Medicare-certified ASCs is consistent, timely and accurate. As ASC Data continues to build out its platform, the team is confident that its datasets and reporting will give you an accurate and up-to-date picture of the ASC industry.

Meet Our Experts

Chris Schriever is a seasoned marketing strategist with over twenty years of experience in ambulatory care. His time in the industry began in 2000, working with the Federated Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (FASA). In 2008, he worked with the executive director and board of directors on the merger of FASA and the American Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (AAASC) in the creation of ASCA, and has consulted for Scott Becker with Becker’s ASC, ASCs Communications. Today, Chris works with the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA) and leads ASCA’s affiliate relations and opportunities work, connecting industry suppliers to ASCA’s members with thoughtful marketing programs, events and opportunities. Schedule a call with Chris today.

Alex Yewdell is an experienced sales consultant who has worked in ambulatory care, higher education and drug testing before focusing exclusively on the ASC industry since 2013. Today, Alex serves as the primary point of contact for suppliers and vendors looking to reach members of the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association. He collaborates with ASCA’s internal communications, IT and meetings teams to ensure the implementation and deliverables of key marketing strategies are deployed as promised. Alex is in touch with those serving the ASC industry daily. Listening to their pain points and troubleshooting marketing solutions, he works daily to help industry providers get in front of industry professionals. Schedule a call with Alex today.

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Clients of note include:

Clients of note include: Ambulatory Surgery Center Association, Biotechnology Industry Organization, National Association of Chemical Distributors, Sleep Retailer, American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, The Vinyl Institute, USA Rice Federation and more!

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